4️⃣ Managers / Roles - Configuring your different users

The "Managers/Roles" section allows you to create and manage your different users by assigning them the necessary and sufficient permissions according to their responsibilities.


Creating & Configuring a role

Roles are essential in managing access rights and permissions for your users. They enable you to define "access rights envelopes" and then assign them to your different Manager accounts.

 Our advice

Configuring roles can be challenging without having already well-manipulated the different modules. Thus, we recommend limiting yourself to:

  • Create different "Roles" by naming them according to your various professions (e.g., Business Manager, HR Manager, Sales Manager, ...),
  • Assign them simple rights to start with (if in doubt, provide the minimum).

To help you create your rights, feel free to read our tutorial that explains how to create and configure a role

Creating & Configuring a manager account


If you plan to import a file containing information about your resources (internal/external collaborators), we recommend waiting until you can import them to avoid manually creating/qualifying them.

This video will explain how to create a Manager, assign them a role, and share access with them.


You can customize the access sharing message (for your different types of users) from your Global Settings > "Share" tab.

 Points to validate before moving on to the next step:

  • Have created the roles that will be used for data recovery,
  • Have created the managers needing access to the interface for the data recovery process.

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