Creating a company or contact directly from LinkedIn

It is now possible, from LinkedIn, to add and modify CRM cards (company and contact).


Installing the BoondManager extension for LinkedIn

From Chrome: I invite you to go to the Chrome Web Store to add the Boond extension to your browser.


From Mozilla Firefox: I invite you to open your browser and copy/paste the following URL into the address bar: then click Add.


Then remember to allow the add-on to run even in private browsing mode if you wish.



Creating or updating a company

Creating a company

Here are the, very simple, steps to follow :)

  1. Synchronize with Boond
  2. Select the company to import
  3. Click on the Boond link
  4. Check the pre-filled information
  5. Create the company card in Boond :) 

Here are some GIFs describing the different situations:

If you do not have a BoondManager page open in your browser, the add-on will first prompt you to log in:


Once on a LinkedIn profile, the add-on allows you to create the company from the information on the page.


Updating a company's information

When you are on a company card, the add-on will perform a check and suggest an update if it detects a difference between the information in Boond and the information on LinkedIn.

You can select the information you want to update:


Creating and updating a contact

Two scenarios may arise:

The contact's company already exists in Boond

Here are the, very simple, steps to follow:

  1. Go to the contact card
  2. Click on the Boond add-on
  3. Check and update the pre-filled information
  4. Create the contact card in Boond


The contact's company does not exist in Boond

In this case, BoondManager suggests creating the contact AND the company :)

In two clicks, it's in Boond Capture_d_e_cran_2021-02-26_a__18.11.35.png


Updating a contact

In the same way as for companies, if BoondManager detects a difference between the information entered in the tool and the information entered on LinkedIn, an update will be suggested.

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