Use the flags to qualify and search for contacts

Qualify and target even more your CRM contacts thanks to our flag system!



Firstname > My flags

Check that you've already created your flags by going to the dedicated area.


To find out more about the flag system, we invite you to have a look at the following tutorial: Create and manage your flags !

Flag your contacts !

The Flags will allow you to add another lawyer of information to your CRM cards and will offer you an additional filter option.

Indeed, you will have the possibility to carry out searches using the flags. Here are a few examples of flags you'll be able to use "Historical client", "Prospect to follow",...


Choose the contact to flag, click on the flag icon at the very bottom of the page and select the appropriate flag.

Or else, you can also use the bulk change feature in order to apply flags to several contacts at the same time:



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