Creating a new company in the CRM

If you wish to create a new company in the CRM, here are the steps to follow! 



Before creating a new company into the CRM, please make sure it does not already exist in the system!

To do so :

1) Click on CRM, Companies view (1)

2) Double check that no « Perimeter » has been selected (2)

3) Click on "Advances filters" to make sure that none of the filters has been selected => If this is not the case, please click on "Reset Filters" (3)

4) In the "Keywords" filter, key in the name of the company you'd like to create (4)



If the company does not show up, you can start creating it! 


Creating the company

Attention ! Do check you're under the companies view or the tool will suggest creating a new CRM contact instead!

Click on the "Create" button:


To go further, you can have a look at:
Here are a few useful shortcuts:  

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