This article aims to simplify the retrieval of timesheets signed by the client.

Process of sending a timesheet for signature

From your collaborator's timesheet, you will be able to send a unique link from Boond with the document to be validated by the client (without needing a login/password).

Checking the information

Once the timesheet is filled out, you will be able to click on the Signature button and thus:

  1. Specify the document to be signed
    • The Client PDF will send the Client timesheets from BoondManager
    • You can also attach another document
  2. Download and therefore view the sent document
  3. Specify the email address of the expected validator
  4. Send the document


 Good to know

The address provided for the validator will then be automatically used for future occasions.


Once the sending is done:

  • the selected document is automatically attached in the Signed Documents section with the status "Document awaiting signature".
  • in the Pending Task section, you can view who sent it, when it was sent, and thus see where you are in the validation process.
Client signature

The person indicated as Validator will receive an email with a unique code allowing them to validate the sent document.

Let us show you the process Capture_d_e_cran_2022-02-09_a__16.28.32.png :


 Good to know

It is possible to configure the sending email template by going to Administration > Global Settings > Activity and Expenses tab.

Once validation is done, the person whose email address was provided as Validator receives a confirmation email.


Receiving signed timesheets
  • The pending task is thus completed, and by clicking on the project name, you can see a certain amount of information.
  • The attached document is flagged as a Signed Document.


Reminder for timesheet signatures

If necessary, you will have the possibility to send reminders to the validator for them to sign the document.


They will then receive a reminder email.


 Good to know

It is possible to configure the reminder email template by going to Administration > Global Settings > Activity and Expenses tab.

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