The Overview tab is the homepage when you click on a card. It provides you with a synthetical view of important information regarding the card in question and gives you a summary of this card's different tabs.


How to use it? 

The overview was designed to provide you with everything you need never more than a click away. This way you benefit from a global, quick and synthetic view of your card.

When hovering each section, a link appears to let you edit/add related information, if necessary. 

A single click will let you:

  • Update information (Use the link displayed when hovering the section)
  • Create/Edit an action
  • Send an email to your candidate
  • Create a positioning


Regarding actions and positionings, not only can you edit an existing action/positioning but you can also create a new one without leaving the Overview tab. 

 Good to know

It is possible to edit a card's state without going to the Information tab. 🥳

Actions section in the Overview tab

This Actions section indicates: 


  1. The 4 most created types of actions
  2. The 4 last created actions 
  3. An indicator showing the action's "age" (if green, this means it is an "upcoming" action)

You can directly create a new action, without leaving the Overview tab. The modal window opens above your card and you still remain on the Overview tab once the action is saved/closed. 

You can therefore minimize it if you need to have a look at some information during when entering data on your action. 



Specifics for each card

According to the card, the information and sections in the Overview tab can vary. 

 Good to know

Visible information in this tab strictly depends on the access rights you were given for this module. 

Candidate cards


  1. Essential information regarding the candidate (contact details, managers, etc.)
  2. Summary of their administrative data (current/desired salary, etc.)
  3. The last activities associated with the candidate (actions
  4. The main details of their Technical Details (TD tab)
  5. The attached resumes 
  6. Last positionings


Direct link toward sections/tab are available to let you easily and quickly access/edit each information.

Resource cards


  1. Essential information on the resource
  2. A summary of the administrative data
  3. The last activities associated with the resource (actions
  4. Absence requests submitted on the current month
  5. Deliveries on which the resource was assigned to ; along with the total turnover and signed margin
  6. Last positionings
  7. Essential information of the Technical Details (TD tab) and attached resumes 


Direct link toward sections/tab are available to let you easily and quickly access/edit each information.

Contact and company cards


  1. Essential information regarding the company or the contact
  2. On a Company card, the list of Contacts / On a Contact card, information on the Company
  3. The last activities associated with the contact or company (actions
  4. Total Weighted Turnover, the number of won opportunities and the last 3 created opportunities
  5. Total Signed Turnover, the signed Margin and profitability, and the last 3 created projects
  6. Important information on invoices and orders 
  7. Purchases attached to the company or contact


Direct link toward sections/tab are available to let you easily and quickly access/edit each information.


 Can we edit any information in the Overview tab?

You cannot edit information directly from this tab but you just have to hover the section you want to edit and then click on the "Edit" link displayed. It will redirect you to the right tab on edition mode. 

 Can we edit the Overview tab display?

It is not possible to change the Overview display.

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