Configuring your module's columns

You have the possibility to customize the columns display in different modules in order to have a quick glance on your cards and searched information.

 Good to know

At the moment, only Actions, Candidates and Resources modules are concerned.

[Coming soon] We have planned to deliver this feature on other modules for the December 2023 update, including: the CRM, Opportunities, Positionings, Billing, Projects modules, etc.


  • Must have access to the modules
  • Must be on the "List" display (not Kanban display
Choosing the columns to display

To configure columns, you just need to click on the configuration button (cogwheel) near the View selection.


A pop-up window appears allowing you to: 

  • Add columns
  • Remove them
  • Change the order display of columns
  • Reset default configuration

 Removing columns

You can remove a column within 2 clicks by doing the following:

Remove (zoomed on the top of columns)

 Saved searches

Once you have selected columns to display, you can also use saved searches to save your filters and your columns for later! 

Choose the order display 

To change the order of columns, all you have to do is to open the column settings then drag and drop the columns in the order of your choice. 


 Saved searches

Once you have configured columns, you can also use saved searches to save your filters and columns! 

Adjust the size of columns

You can also adjust the width of your columns by simply selecting the borders of your columns and dragging them to the right or left. 


The columns you hover over will have a different color in order to identify them easily. 

 Reset the size of a column 

To reset the default width of a column, just follow these steps:


The size of columns is proper to your navigator  

The size of columns is the only thing that isn't saved with the 'saved searches' feature. This setting is saved in the navigator you use but on other navigators it will be the default size of each column that will be displayed. 


I cannot see all the columns I selected on my page 

If you select too many columns, an arrow will appear at the border of the page to allow you to scroll through the columns: 


Some displayed columns are empty

The content displayed in some columns depends on access rights. For example, if the manager doesn't have the access rights for reading a candidate's TD tab, the content of this column will be empty.

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