This CV library will help deal with and follow up on your candidates recruitment process, from the first interviews up to the recruitment!

If need be, you can use our interactive walkthrough. To do so, you just need to click on the Help button (top right hand on your screen) and let you guide!





1- Before creating the candidate

lt's very important to check that this candidate does not exist yet in your CVs library. Without doing this, you might create duplicates and ruin your data base.

To do so, key in the last name and/or first name in the full text search field and check that all of your filters are empty:



2- Create a Candidate profile

Create a candidate thanks to the CV

To create a new candidate, use the HrFlow app, that way, you'll save time ;-) 

Candidates module > + Button


Based on a PDF or Word CV, the HrFlow app has been designed to help you save time when creating new candidate profiles!  The app will pre-fill some identified fields such as: first name, last name, phone number, email, skills, training... and the CV will be automatically attached to the candidate card.

Once the profile has been created:


  1. Update the Title
  2. Do think of filling in the Stage field, thanks to which you know where you're at in the recruitment process
  3. Fill in the Resume source if you wish to analyse this data later on

Attention 1/2

Do not forget to double check the information which has been pre-filled by the HrFlow app. Indeed, depending on the document and its format, some elements can be difficult to analyse. Therefore, it's important to check and add what can be missing.


Attention 2/2

If this message shows up on the screen, it means you're trying to import a candidate who already exists, according to the tool. BoondManager will then suggest consulting the already existing profile in order to make sure you're not creating a duplicate.



If you can't create a new candidate by using the HrFlow app, it means that it has not been installed or configured for your account.

We then invite you to read the tutorial about the app

Manually create a candidate

You also can manually create the candidate profile by clicking on the + button. It will be up to you to fill in every field. Thus, we advise you to use the HrFlow app when possible.


3- Complete the TD and the administrative elements

Once the profile has been created, some new tabs will appear on the candidate card.

The Administrative tab enables you to gather some attachments such as the candidate's ID for instance. You can also enter his/her salary expectations in the "Desired salary" field as well as his/her "Current salary":


The TD (Technical Data) summarises the candidate's skills.

It's very important to fully fill in your Candidate's TD in order to make it easier later on when searching for the right profiles so that they mach with your clients' opportunities:


  1. Title : the candidate's CV title. This field (as well as the CV) will be indexed in the keywords search
  2. Skills : this field will be indexed in the keywords search
  3. Experience, Education, Degrees and References : those fields will enable you to indicate the candidate's experience, educational level...
  4. Tools, Activity areas and Expertise areas: those lists can be configured in the administrator interface. They give you the opportunity to qualify more precisely your candidate profile and carry out advanced searches.


4- Deal with the actions on the candidate profile

The Actions tab of the candidate card displays all of the done and to-do actions.

BoondManager distinguishes the past actions to the upcoming ones: the upcoming ones, called by default “Reminder / To do” (or any other name depending on your customised configuration), will be very useful as the tool will notify you when the action is due.

To find out more about how the actions work, please have a look at this tutorial :-)

5- Manage the candidate's positionings

This tab lists all of this candidate's positionings on the opportunities in your CRM. This way, you can know which are the lost, won or current positionings of the candidate.


We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have other questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

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