Transform an opportunity into a project

You have created an opportunity and it's now time to transform it into a project?

Here are the elements to take into consideration:


Create and qualify your opportunity

Be it a delegation of skills, a fixed price or a recruitment opportunity, you can have a look at the following tutorial in order to know how to correctly proceed: : Managing your opportunities 


Delegation of skills and recruitment opportunities types

Opportunities module > Opportunity card > « Positionings » tab
  • Select the « won » state of the positioning you'd like to transform (or any other state that has been customised on your environment)

Attention: If the candidate still has not been converted into a Resource, you'll get an error message when trying to transform the positioning.

Therefore, you will need to  convertir ce candidat en ressource before trying again.
Even for freelancers or sub-contractors, it will be important to create a contract for the new resource.

  • Click on « Confirm » in the pop-up displayed on the screen.
    The opportunity will then be converted into a project and you will be redirected to the project card.


If several positioned people have to be added to the project, you'll need to go back to the "Positionings" tab of the initial opportunity and change the state of the other positionings. But this time you'll need to select the already existing project in order not to create another project.



Fixed price opportunities type

To create a fixed price project, you do not have to position resources. Therefore you can directly go to the Information tab of the opportunity and change its global sate.

Opportunities module > Opportunity card > « Information » tab
  • Change the sate of the opportunity and select "Won" (or any other state that has been customised on your environment). 
  • And then click on confirm. 


Thus, you'll be able to qualify the project directly and add (from the Deliveries tab) the missing information (turnover, deliveries...). You can have a look at the following tutorial to find out more about qualification des projets au forfait de A à Z pour plus de détail. 



Product opportunity type

For the product opportunity type, you need to position products which have been created in the Products module in the first place. This way, you'll just need to indicate the correct period (start date and end date) and the number of planned schedules. When the opportunity is won, you'll have to change the state of the positioning to Won





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