The arrival of spring introduces the return of the sun and lots of exciting news at BoondManager 🌱 🌷!



📎 Creating a single PDF (invoice and attachments)

With this feature, you can now generate a single PDF that includes the invoice and its annexes.

No more downloading invoices and attachments to merge them on your own! You can now entrust the merging to BoondManager and send a single document to your clients who request it 🚀.


📖 Link to the tutorial 📖

🗂️ Adding documents as attachments to invoices

We're not stopping at the feature of merging invoices and attachments! You can now freely import documents of your choice as annexes to invoices (in addition to signed timesheets)!

Do your clients require receiving the signed purchase order, delivery note, or any other document in addition to the signed timesheets with your invoices? It's now possible 🎉.

fact avec encart annexes.png

📖 Link to the tutorial 📖

📫 Assigning more recipients in billing details

Specify as many default recipients as needed in the billing details.

Furthermore, you can now add recipients in CC and/or BCC by default, giving you greater flexibility in sending invoices!

No contact at your final client will be forgotten 🤭.

Coordonnéesfactu cc et cci.png

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Activities & Expenses

🧾 Attaching receipts for reimbursed expenses 

Simplify your invoicing process by adding receipts, for expenses rebilled to clients, directly as attachments to your invoices!

By checking the option in the orders, you can now add these receipts automatically and transmit them along with the invoices to your clients 🤩.

Facture avec frais en PJ.gif

👍 Grouping billed expenses into one line

Make it easier for your clients to read invoices by grouping all billed expenses into a single line.

The option is now available in the orders, just a simple click and we'll take care of the rest 🥳!

regrouper les frais en une ligne.png

Ergonomics & Browsing

🔍 Searching more precisely with action filters

Action filters are improving and now allow you to more precisely filter your results based on actions attached or not attached to their cards! For example:

  • candidates without "GDPR Consent" actions
  • resources whose annual review has not yet been scheduled
  • prospects who have never been contacted
  • urgent opportunities without profile presentation to the client
  • etc.

This feature applies to searches in the Candidates, Resources, Companies, CRM Contacts, Opportunities, and Projects modules 🪄.

Où sont les filtres d'actions.gif

📖 Link to the tutorial 📖

✏️  Mass editing of positioning and resource states

Update your positionings and resources more quickly ⚡ thanks to bulk editing of the state from the search view.

Modification en masse des ressources.pngf

📖 Link to the tutorial 📖

Mobile App

📱Timesheets, expenses, and absences redesigned

Timesheets, expenses, and absences have been revamped and are now consolidated into 2 tabs:

  • "My activity" for resources
  • "Validation" for managers

onglets mobile activité et validation.png

And to spoil you a little more 🎁, we took the opportunity to add a summary view of "My activity" on the dashboards, with the current month's timesheet and expense report, as well as the last absence request.

TDB mobile Mon activité.png

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

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